So I have to tell you a little story as to HOW I got to the day I ended up doing my very first DIY project.

You see, my husband had started our built in fireplace, and I thought it would only take 2 weeks (clearly I have no concept of how long projects take.. I am aware of this NOW)… Well after 2 MONTHS the fireplace was done but not the shelves.. the left side shelves took another 4 MONTHS!

My husband is more of a big picture guy while I’m a details person.

So the original plan was to have the right side shelves be removable so that our Christmas tree could go there and I think that might have had something to do with the halt in progress.

It was now February and the right side shelves were still not even on the radar of being started and the fireplace had been started 9 MONTHS prior.. I knew I needed to do SOMETHING (I am NOT the wife that pesters their spouse.. clearly 😂) and I didn’t feel confident in my ability to make the shelves myself so I needed to come up with something that I felt I could do 100% by myself… I DID NOT WANT TO ASK FOR HELP!

  • So I came up with an easy slat wall.
  • I knew I wanted cedar because all of the shelves on the left side were done with cedar and I wanted it to be cohesive.
  • So I measured the width of the space and added up how many boards I would need (I used 1×6 boards)
  • Then I decided that I wanted more dimension so I ripped them down 2 1/4″ strips, after cutting them down to length so they were easier to handle. *** This is a step I would do opposite if I were doing it again, because I learned very quickly that walls are not square so I have larger gaps on the end in some spots and no gaps in others.
  • Once the boards were all cut to length and width I was ready to install! I borrowed my husbands nail gun and used tile spaces so that you could still see the black peek through (again to tie the two sides together). It was a tough holding the boards and spacers and nail gun.. I should have asked for help, but I didn’t.. I struggled through and it got done 😊
  • I’m proud of this wall even with all its imperfections!

Was this wall part of the original plan? No

Do I love it even more than what was originally planned? Yes, because…

It started me down a path that I didn’t know I NEEDED! I have always loved home decor and renovation, but I didn’t know that I could be the one doing the renovations until I attempted to do it. If my husband had finished those shelves.. who knows, The Gutsy Homemaker may not even exist! I am so very grateful for this wall and all that it has come since then.