I found out something AMAZING happened last week and I didn’t even know it! Well technically I had some awesome things happen and then this AMAZING thing too but I only knew about the awesome stuff.. Do you wanna know what was so AMAZING?

I was featured on Apartment Thearpy’s website!

Now you may be asking yourself how one is featured on a website and doesn’t even know about it 😂 and that’s kinda where the awesome stuff comes in. You see looking back I realize that last week was pretty epic for my tiny account.

So on Monday, Kristen over at Builds By Kristen, shared my Instagram profile because I was one of 4 winners from a DIY week she had hosted based off of her community’s votes.

Below (Right) is the photo everyone had voted on!

So when I got a lot of traffic to my site I assumed it was from Kristen’s share (in the beginning I’m sure it was) but then I received a whole new surge of traffic on Tuesday to the website (again I assumed it was from the share the previous day).

Fast forward to last night and I get a text from my mother in law wanting to know if I knew I had an article in Apartment Therapy?!?!

….Christina, how did your mother in law know before you did? Well you see… when I originally participated in the furniture flip I did a really bone head thing and I didn’t attach my before photo to my final submission and so I was actually disqualified from the judging (which I realized the day they would be announcing the winner), so I went onto Apartment Therapy’s site and submitted my work there… months ago! And completely forgot about it.

So my mother in law was just scrolling Facebook when she came across my desk!

Click HERE to go directly to Apartment Therapy’s article!

This may not be AMAZING or HUGE news for some but for me, growing my community and developing my skills it is AMAZING and HUGE!

I appreciate every single person who takes the time out of their day to write me a comment, share my page or blog, like my photos or just simply share a kind word. I’m here to build furniture but I am building a community at the same time!

So thank you!