So back in June my very dear friend reached out to me on Facebook asking if I was making dining room tables yet because she had just purchase her first home and wanted a table… I having only 4 months of wood working experience under my belt did what any sane person would do… I told her “Of course I can build you a table.. what kind of table do you want? I can have it done in 2 weeks”

I’ll just let you know now that obviously I finished the table but it took WAY longer than 2 weeks… Thank goodness my friend has a heart of gold!

So now on to what you came to this post for.. the directions! *The entire process is saved in my highlights as well on Instagram

The entire table top was built out of 2×4’s.. (the base pictured below) and 1×4’s for the top, along with 1 sheet of 1/4 in. plywood to attach your top pieces too (believe me it makes it MUCH easier).

Start off by determining what dimensions you your finial table to be, the measurements for the table I built were 3×6.

The first thing you want to build is the base frame (two lightest tan colors in the pictures below) based off of your dimensions… minus an 1.5 inches on each side (3 inches total) to accommodate for the boarder pieces (darkest tan color below).

If your table it smaller you may only need one support piece or you may need more if you table is larger.

All of the tiny black lines in the second photo are where I placed my Kreg jig screws to attach the pieces and don’t forget to wood glue your joints before screwing.

Now before you jump to the boarder pieces you are going to want to sand the base now. Since you will be putting the top boards on you only need to do this with one side, sand the smooth side (not the side with all the Kreg jig screw holes) so that once you put your top on, it will be clean looking from the bottom side… I did 60, 120 (then spritzed them down with water to raise the grain, once dry) 120 again and then 220.

Here’s where you can take it up a notch if you choose to. The boarder gets attached on its side to the base so that the top just “sits in”. However I didn’t like that the edges of the 2×4 are rounded and the edges of the 1×4 are squared so I cut out a notch running the length of the 2×4 (1/4in and just deep enough to accommodate your 1×4 plus your 1/4in plywood… measure your wood before you cut!) Next cut and sand your boarder pieces. Just remember that the notch should be on the same side of the base as the Kreg jig screw holes 😀 and they should all be facing the center.. and of course lined up.

Now the FUN part!

Heres where you get to have loads of fun… I divided the opening (between the boarder pieces) into 3 parts and decided I wanted the middle to be slightly larger to act almost like a table runner.

Cut down your plywood into the 3 separate sections and dry fit them into the table (if anything needs to be fixed now is the time to do it).

For the long sides simply cut down your 1x4s to the same length as your plywood, sand then glue to your boards.

Ready for fun?!?! For the center board decide what design you want and *Sand your boards before you start cutting.. I promise it makes it easier* cut your boards and lay our your design WITHOUT ANY GLUE. Its ok if the hang over, once everything is where you want it and glued down you can cut the edges off using the circular saw.

With all 3 of your sections complete do ANOTHER dry fit, again if anything needs to be trimmed up, now is the time to fix it.

Take the boards back out and (Spoiler Alert) GLUE all of the places that wood touches wood 😂

You guys have a table top!

Now you can wood fill any spots that need it, and finish however you would like.. just make sure to seal it. I used Early American stain and 3 coats of polyurethane.

If you make the table top please make sure you tag me in your photos, I would love to see your work!

And if I have mucked up the waters on any of the details and you have questions please let me know and I would be more than happy to help!!