Mistakes are going to happen.

Sometimes they are so small you don’t even realize you are fixing them while doing so, while others you know you made a mistake and there is something to LEARN from it. I want a few things from this series and I hope I deliver.

I want a few things with this series and I hope I deliver!

  • I hope we all learn something or take something away from each episode
  • I want to make you to feel capable of fixing things too
  • And have FUN!

Now onto the very first #FailsToFantastic

Meet my Co-Host:

Mak AKA homemakermak

She is a Senior Accountant who purchased her first investment property with her better half in 2018 (at the time she had no Reno experience.. she was going to be the JoAnna, while he was going to be the Chip).

Her first project was patching drywall in April of 2019 and now she is currently in the middle of redoing the plumbing on her SECOND bathroom renovation.

But what I love about Mak is she is willing to try any home project knowing she might fail and being OK with it. Oh and did I mention she has a heart of gold!

On to the fails!

So you might have seen that I have a DIY Custom Table Top tutorial on the blog… If not you show check it out 😊

Well when I was in the thick of making the table FOR THE CLIENT, I forgot 1 VERY important step *Don’t worry the tutorial didn’t forget*

I received a text 4 weeks after my client had the table saying that the table had started to raise and my heart sank! But I was scratching my head because I was sure that I had done EVERYTHING that needed to be done.

I forgot to glue the final pieces in… as evident below with easily the top pieces came out!

So I figured while I had the top sections out I would run over to my Father in laws house and use his planner, while the table was already taken apart.

Then I GLUED all the pieces and put them back in place and finished up the table as I had before (Early American stain and 3 coats of polyurethane).

So what did I learn? That I didn’t need to burn the table down and start all over (Yes that is one of the thoughts I had when I originally received her texts 😂) and that I need to SLOW down, because had I slowed down during the original build.. I “think” I would have caught this mistake.

But you know what they say… “You live and you learn”

What was Mac up to?

Mac went through all of the fails from her home office (the first room she ever redid) and showing you WHAT NOT TO DO.

From caulking tips to built in furniture placement (so you get the most out of your space). She went over things that you wouldn’t even think of.

Everything we both did can be found in my Instagram highlight “FTF Episode 1”