Jumping into the second episode my co-host and I both tackled projects in our bathrooms!

But before we get into what we did, I would like to introduce you to this months co-host.

Meet my Co-Host:

Sarah AKA RockyCanyonRustic

You may remember Sarah from the introduction of #FailsToFantastic (It was her vase I was trying to recreate), so it was only fitting that she join me this month!

Sarah is a Nurse Practitioner, who works part time and DIYs part time with a house full of boys.

She just got done with a Home Depot Partnership, where she completely redid her son’s walk in closet and it turned out amazing! Check it out HERE

So back in maybe March of this year I gave our master bathroom a face lift, and part of that face life included adding a feature wall of beautiful succulent wallpaper (you can see the before and afters here)

*Now remember friends that I had just started DIYing in February so wallpaper was no easy feat!

So I was what I quickly learned is that if you are going to do wallpaper in a humid environment (like a bathroom) you need to use higher quality wallpaper and not peel and stick!

The sticky stuff just cannot hold up to the amount of moisture and it started (very soon after installation) falling off the wall.

So I clearly needed to take the wallpaper down but I had to come up with a plan on how to make it “fantastic”.. just taking it down wasn’t going to cut it.

So I ran across this DIY on Pinterest and just knew it would be the perfect way to make it a proper #FailsToFantastic

So I grabbed my two new favorite green paint colors and got to work! Jojoba and Royal Orchard (both pair of Behr’s 2021 Color Trends)

I absolutely love the way it turned out! I still have a feature wall but no more peeling wallpaper!!

What was Sarah up to?

Sarah decided to take on a BEAST… the mitered corner! She also completed a bathroom facelift earlier this year and when she took those final photos for Instagram she made sure to crop out the not so “fantastic” mitered corners of her DIY frame.

*Don’t go getting mad at me for spilling the beans… she did all the spilling over on Instagram 😂

So she decided it was time to fix it! She tried to do new miter cuts and make a pieces to fit the ones that looked good but that didn’t end up working and at the end of the day she fixed her frame using good old butt joints!

What she realized in the process is that the picture itself wasn’t square… That is KEY to making those 90˚ angles match up!

As always you can find everything we both did on my Instagram highlight “FTF Episode 2”