You won’t believe it but my co-host and I are both in the kitchen today!

But before we get into what we are doing in there, I would like to introduce you to this months co-host.

Meet my Co-Host:

Meg (half of) Baker.Blooms

Meg and Ash make up the kick ass team over at Baker.Blooms, and they have completely blown up this past year!

Meg is a hairstylist, who married her high school sweetheart. They have 2 boys and 3 dogs.

She is great at cheap and easy DIYs and just finished an Anthropologie dupe ladder for 80% cheaper than you can find online! Click here for the tutorial and make yourself one too… shit make a bunch and give them as gifts!

This right here is a prime example of the pretty pictures and cropped angles that I talked about on the original Fails To Fantastic post.

When I built the island I had a deadline of 3 weeks, from the day I started to the day I submitted the final photos. All while working full time so there were some things that admittedly did not get completed the way that I would have liked.

The edge banding being the main thing. I had never worked with it prior so I did a fair bit of research prior to even attempting the process. I was so proud that I was able to get 1 solid strip to wrap around the entire island instead of 4 separate sections so there is only one seam but after I was done applying it I noticed bubbles.

I assumed it was from the wood filler I had used to fill in the large holes in the plywood (under the Maple plywood). I thought that the glue just wasn’t adhering to the filler.

So I didn’t stress trying to fix it before submitting it. Because I thought that I would have to rip it all off and re-sand all of the edges to get the banding to better adhere.

But after the challenge I reached out to Ethan with TheBuildwithEthan after running across his YouTube video on edge banding. He didn’t hesitate to help, he suggested to slice open the air pockets with a thin blade, along the grain of the wood and reapply the heat.

He gave me this advise back in October! Yes it took me 3 months to get up the courage to slice into my kitchen island.

And after I did it, I have no idea why I waited so long! It was so easy and it fixed the problem a lot easier than what I originally thought I was going to have to do to fix it.

I am so pleased with the results!

What was Meg up to?

Meg decided change out the paper towel holder that she had previously built. It didn’t work as it should have but it also didn’t fit her design style.

She bite the bullet and made the cutest paper towel holder there ever was and showed you exactly how she did it.

And I had a blast watching Meg’s process. She almost.. almost.. had a problem near the end that looked like it was going to end badly but she was able to twist her way out of the tight spot.

I hope you all are enjoying this series and that you are learning something from it. I would love for you to comment below with some projects that maybe you need help with to make “fantastic”

As always you can find everything we both did on my Instagram highlight “FTF Episode 3”