You guys I cannot believe that #FailsToFantasic is already 4 months old!

Are you guys having fun? Have you learned anything yet?

There are still so many projects to get to so don’t worry if you haven’t needed to put anything into use yet.. I’ve got more coming your way!

Meet my Co-Host:

Kelsey from a.dabbled.dwelling

She really is a do it all DIYer! She has tackled everything from accent walls to concrete counter tops (while being 8 months pregnant) and everything in-between!

You should be following Kelsey because she does all of this with as a busy mom. She is real and relatable, she shows you the ups and downs of her projects as she is learning.. and has a heart of gold!

On to the fails!

So this months fail wasn’t as straight forward as the others have been, so let me explain.

That side of our house doesn’t have any awnings and with the garage door, it just so happens that anytime we get a hard rain… it floods (my) half of the garage. So we really need to replace the door but before we do that we needed to get the awning situation worked out.

I got creative and designed a pergola that would have a built in awing (best of both worlds).

The frame was going to be phase 1 of the build (with a sunshade) and then in phase 2, I was going to do the rest of the built to include the built in awing.. but as with this series you see that things don’t always go as planned.

I tried 4.. yes 4, sunshades and none of them fit the odd size of my pergola (that was built to fit the pre-existing slab). So now we have a pergola with zero shade or awning.

But I’m still calling it a win because it was a job that needed to get done and we will get the rest of the job completed when the new materials arrive.

*So the lesson for this episode is that sometimes you need to fix the root case and not just band-aid it (putting towels in front of the door).. it just might take longer than expected*

What was Kelsey up to?

She went through her kitchen and fixed her backsplash! She added trim pieces and even added some new tiles from the recent pony wall she took out.. all in preparation for her concrete counter tops.

I was taking notes because I will be doing the same counter tops in my kitchen and my coffee bar when the time comes.

As always everything we both did can be found in my Instagram highlight “FTF Episode 4”