This year is just flying by…

I can’t believe that I finished this project 3 Months ago and I am just now getting around to posting the details!

Meet my Co-Host:

Julia from Juliachristinehome

Julia tackles projects both big and small… from the beautifully painted door (pictured) to simple DIY wooden trees.

She’s tackled tiling, and furniture flips. I’m not sure there is anything she can’t or won’t do.

On to the fails!

Back in February I completed part 1 of this project, head over to this post to check out all the details and get caught up if you’ve missed anything.

I came up with a design that called for a fence panel and an acrylic sheet

I wasn’t entirely sure that it was going to work but I knew it was going to look good and I could adjust my plan if it didn’t work, so that was enough for me to continue with the project.

We needed to have somewhere to prop the acrylic sheet onto so that it would slope away from the house, so we installed a 2×4 cedar board directly onto the house in-between the two posts. This new board also gave us the 2 extra inches we needed to make the fence panel work.

Once that board was securely attached we got to work installing the fence panel. Now I’m going to be honest, this should not have been a two person job. We were working 8+ feet off the ground trying to level the fence panel and secure it while standing on ladders.

We got the job done but it took us over 40 minutes and it was a very tense 40 minutes. If you are going to attempt this same design do yourself a favor and have a few extra set of hands around.

The acrylic sheet was the easy part. We screwed the sheet directly into the new 2×4 cedar board and then used a few more screws to attach it to the fence panel (so that it wouldn’t move around with the wind). Added a bead of sealant along the seam.. where the sheet meets the house, and call it a day.

As soon as I new that it worked, you know.. when it rained and my garage didn’t flood. I had to make the space pretty and I found the perfect solar powered lights on Amazon. I ordered two strands and now the space is just dreamy!

What was Julia up to?

She saved her leather sofa with paint, yep you read that right.. she painted her peeling leather sofa and it turned out fantastic!

As always everything we both did can be found in my Instagram highlight “FTF Episode 5”